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Baghambar Singh Mura

Baghambar Singh Mura is a leading, veteran Chau dancer from Gobindapur village of Baghmundi block in Purulia district.   read more

Anil Mahato

Anil Mahato is a highly revered, veteran Chau artist from Dubrajpur village of Purulia district.   read more

Kartik Singh Mura

Kartik Singh Mura is an eminent Chau artist from Purulia district. He learnt Chau dance from his father, legendary Chau artist and Padma Shri award winner Gambhir Singh Mura.   read more

Binadhar Kumar

Binadhar Kumar is a veteran Chau dancer who began dancing at the age of 14. He has learnt from his father Ramnath Kumar who was a noted dancer and his Guru.   read more

Biren Kalindi

Biren Kalindi is a leading Natua & Chau dance artist from Purulia. He leads a troupe named Biren Kalindi Chau Nach Gosthi. He is also an expert player of traditional musical instruments.   read more

Mousumi Choudhury

Mousumi is a leading woman Chau dancer from Maldi village of Purulia. She inspired other girls of the region to join the traditional dance forms which is dominated by men.    read more

Jagannath Choudhury

Jagannath Choudhury is a leading Chau dancer from Maldi village of Purulia.   read more

Dharmendra Sutradhar

Dharmendra Sutradhar, 33, started making masks when he was 10 years old. Mask making is a traditional craft for him and many other artists living in Charida village, Purulia. He makes traditional masks meant for Chau dance and several innovative masks based on varied themes. Dharmendra has made masks on literary works like Tasher Desh, […]   read more

Parimal Dutta

Parimal, 35 year of age, known as an efficient chaw mask maker lives in the village charida of Bagmundi block in Puruliia district. To learn this work he was guided by his father Bimal Dutta at the age of 7. This young artist can able to develop different type of mask and the people who […]   read more

Sajal Dutta

Sajal Dutta 51 years of age resides in the village charida and learnt the mask making work from his childhood. He father was the guru who supported him lot to practice this craft making work. He attended in many national seminar and exhibitions to showcase their product. His in-depth knowledge of this work acclaimed by […]   read more