Vriguram dwara Ksatriya Nikshatra

Arjuna, the king of Maheshmatipura once went for a game-hunting with his sycophants. Wondering throughout the day they became very hungry but there was nothing to eat. Suddenly they saw a hermitage in the forest. Rishi (saint)Yagadagni and his wife Renuka were living hermitage. The king went to them and asked for food. There was nothing left to eat at that time. So Rishi Yagadagni asked one of their cows, Suravi to provide something to eat for the king and his followers. On the blessings of Kamdhenu Suravi provided the service by water which seems to them as delicious sweets. Then the king heard about the Suravi Kamdhenu and demanded it from Rishi Yagadagni and his wife. But when they turned down the offer,Arjuna mercilessly killed Rishi Yagaadagni. Parshurama heard his mother crying and came back promptly. He heard everything from his mother and pledged to kill all the Kshatriyas from the world 21 times. Thus making this promise he executed King Arjuna.


King Arjuna went for a game hunting and became very tired and hungry. He took shelter in Rishi Yagadagni’s hut where he was served with food by Kamadhenu, a magical cow. The king demanded the cow when he came to know about its powers . Rishi didn;t give him the cow and got slayed by the King. Renuka, the rishi’s wife called for their son Vrigurama who executed the King and took oath to free the world from the grasp of Kshatriyas.