Sitaharan (Abduction of Sita)

Being desperate for the insult of Surpanakha, Ravana sent Marich, the master of disguise, in the form of golden deer to take revenge. The deer roamed in front of Ram Sita’s hut. Sita requested Ram to catch the golden deer. Asking Lakshman to look after Sita Ram went behind it. The deer led him deep into the forest. Time passed but the dear did not get caught. Thinking that some problem might have occurred to Ram Sita requested Lakshman to look for Ram. Lakshman did not become agreed to go leaving her alone. But Sita insisted him. Then Lakshman drew a line across Sita and asked her not to cross it. Ravana disguised as a saint came there and approached Sita asking for food. Sita brought some food to offer the holy man. Ravana denied accepting food from behind the Lakshmana’s line. Fearing from grace as soon as Sita came out of the line Ravana transformed into his original form and abducted her; took her away in his chariot towards Lanka. Jatayu, friend to Lord Dasharatha, objected Ravana on the way, fought with him and ultimately became defeated by Ravana.


Ram went for the golden deer on request of Sita. When Marich in form of golden deer led Ram into the deep forest Lakshman followed him after drawing a safety line across Sita. Ravana took the scope and reached as a saint and abducted Sita as soon as she crossed the Lakshman Rekha. Jatayu objected Ravana but became defeated.