Narir Ashrujole Bhagobaner Porajoy

Lord Mahadeva and goddess Parvati went to execute Shumbha and Nishumbha – two horrible demons. When they were returning from the battlefield, Goddess Parvati informed lord Mahadeva that she had to transform herself eight times repeatedly to execute those two demons. Hearing this Kartikeya said that she will be remembered and worshipped throughout this period of time. Lord Mahadeva and Goddess Parvati rewarded Kartikeya by naming that month as ‘Kartick’ after his name. This month became the month of festivities.
After this announcement, festival started in Kailas. When they returned Kailas, they heard a woman’s cry from Martyalok (Earth,the world of the livings). She was a follower of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Hearing this Lord Indra remarked that women have had no power and they are dominated by men; Women’s tear weaken men.
On suggestion of Lord Shiva, all the deities, in disguise went to test the lady who was crying. When they reached they came to know that she had lost her husband. She was praying to Lord Mahadeva and Goddess Parvati to return her husband’s life. Then Parvati gave a condition, if she can bring sea-water in an earthen bowl her husband will be alive. She left immediately but since no one knew how to make earthen bowl, Lord Mahadeva created the Potters and from them the lady took one earthen bowl and went to fetch sea-water. Angry Indradeva thunderstruck the ocean and dried all the water. The lady started crying again and this time relentlessly. Goddess Parvati couldn’t bear her pain anymore and suddenly it started raining. The rain water filled the earthen bowl and the husband became alive by that rain water. His name was Karua. After many such tests Mahadeva told Indra that women do not make men weak with tears. Mahadev also decided that day as sacrificing day of married women in the funeral of her husband and the ‘Karua Chait Vrata’ started from that time.


After slaying Shumbha and Nishumbha goddess Parvati, lord Mahadeva and other gods were returning to Kailas. Suddenly they heard a woman’s wailing from the Earth and came to know that she had lost her husband. The widowed lady asked for her husband’s life but she had to undergo some tests after which she was able to bring back her husband’s life.