Lav Kush er Ghora Badh (Capturing horse by Lav-Kush)

Sri Ramchandra conducted Ashvamedh Yagna and released the sacrificial horse. The horse started to run accompanied by Shatrughna and his warriors. On the other side, Sita was completing her exile period in the forest of Tapabon. Her two sons Lab and Kush were becoming gradually adept in art of war. The horse of Ashvamedh appears in Tapabon. Lab and Kush found the horse. “Whoever ties the horse would have to fight with Sri Ramchandra” – it was written on the body of the horse. Finding this Lab and Kush stopped and captured the horse and held it in Tapabon.
Shatrughna reached there and asked to set the horse free. Lab & kush didn’t do that and Shatrughna became defeated in the war with them. After this Sugrib, Bharot and Hanuman all were defeated one by one. Then Ram Chandra came and a horrible situation of battle arose among them. At last Valmiki and Sita hurriedly reached in between and Father-Sons were united.


The released sacrificial horse of Ramchandra’s Ashvamedh Yagna reached in the forest of Tapabon. Lav-Kush, two sons of Sita, captured the horse. Shatrughna, Bharot, Sugrib and Hanuman reached there to get the horse free but defeated by Lav-Kush. Ultimately when Ramchandra came father and sons got united for the intervention of Valmiki and Sita into the matter.