Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer/filmmaker/storyteller Purulia offers excellent opportunity to try your skill in photography and filmmaking. The rural artists practicing their traditional dance form, the ornate masks, the avantgarde performances, the rustic village scape can be beautifully captured when you visit the villages of Purulia like Charida and Maldi. Charida is a small village lined with Chau mask shops, houses with the courtyards being used as mask making spaces and surrounded by hills. It is a photographers’ dream. The village Maldi situated on the banks of a river, covered by yellow mustard fields in winter invite you to indulge in creating your next photo stories for your personal blog or magazines. You can also make videos and films of artists practicing at the resource centre. You must visit the annual festival Chau Jhumur Utsav organized by the artists to capture shots of Chau artists in their full costumes and masks.

Watch the digital stories to have a virtual experience of the annual Chau dance festival and Chau mask festival organised by the artist community.
Check out how you as visitor engage yourself at Chau dance festival.
Check out the wide range of Chau masks.
Know more about the themes of Chau performances.

As we invite you to take photos and make videos, please keep the following points in mind.

  1. Please ask artists before you take picture of them, their scrolls or products.
  2. If you post photos on social media, blogs, magazines etc., please do not forget to mention name of the artists and village.
  3. Please make your commitment to not use the photo for commercial benefit by using the CC-BY-NC licence.
  4. Please use #puruliachau, #chaumask, #maldi, #charida when posting photos in social media.

Artist rights are protected through a Code of Practice. Please see the Chau Dance Art Code and Chau Mask Art Code.