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The Chau dancers wear ornate and elaborate masks and dazzling costumes made of tinsel and brocade. The masks used in Purulia Chau are elaborate and ornamental. The masks are made of clay and paper pulp with ornamentation in the headgear.   read more


Themes of Chau dance are mainly based on epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata and Hindu Puranas. Mahishasur Mardini remains an all-time favourite play for Chau dancers. Themes were also sourced from mythological stories like Narasimha Avatar, Sabitri Satyaban, Shivapurana, Hiranyakashipu and Sri Krishna. Nowadays plays are also composed on historical and contemporary themes.   read more

Movement and footwork

Every Chaal or gait has typical foot works and movements of head, shoulder, hand etc. that bring out the innate features of the characters. Dev Chaal is associated with Gods or the good powers. Bir Chaal is associated with the brave and valiant characters. Asura Chaal is associated with the evil powers. PashuChaal is imitation […]   read more

Traditional Instruments

The traditional instruments used during Chau performance ¬†include Dhol, Dhamsa, Charchari, Tikra,¬† Nagra, Mahuri, Sanai and flute. Musical instruments are played along with dances depicting different moods and moments. Characterisation is also done with the help of music. There are different music overtures for Arjuna, Ramachandra, Lord Shiva and different other characters.   read more