The ornate masks, the somersaults, diverse forms, interesting stories narrated through performances– Chau tradition of Purulia has it all to engage the primary and secondary level student in  the traditional art form. A one-hour session by community artists in school campus would provide a first-hand experience of old age mask dance tradition to the students and connect them to their roots. Students would love to know about mask making and different forms of the Chau dance and learn about mythological stories. There are also games based on Chau like puzzles and colouring sheets for the primary class students. You can also plan a weekend tour to Purulia for a group of students where the students can visit the Chau mask Folk Art Centre at Charida and the Chau dance Folk Art Centre at Maldi to make the experience more exciting.

Watch the digital stories to have a virtual experience of the annual Chau dance festival and Chau mask festival organised by the artist community.
Check our Folk Art Centre page for more information about workshops.
Check out how the artists make Chau masks.
Know more about the themes of Chau performances.