Chau dance can add life to any event with its larger than life performances and colourful masks. There are many facets to this dance like mythological stories, colourful costumes, ornate masks, lively performances. Hence there is something for everyone to enjoy, from a kid to an elderly. The upbeat music of the Chau Palas are also huge crowd pullers. Directly contact Chau groups and book them for your event.

Watch the digital stories to have a virtual experience of the annual Chau dance festival and Chau mask festival organised by the artist community.
Know more about the themes of Chau performances.
Contact the artists directly.
Check out how visitors engage themselves at Chau dance festival.

Here is an ethical guideline on working with the communities.

  1. Respect the artist and the community.
  2. Seek permission before you record audio/video, publish photo and information regarding community and art.
  3. Acknowledge names of artists who perform.

Artist rights are protected through a Code of Practice. Please see the Chau Dance Art Code and Chau Mask Art Code.