Vriguram dwara Ksatriya Nikshatra

Arjuna, the king of Maheshmatipura once went for a game-hunting with his sycophants. Wondering throughout the day they became very hungry but there was nothing to eat. Suddenly they saw a hermitage in the forest. Rishi (saint)Yagadagni and his wife Renuka were living hermitage. The king went to them and asked for food. There was […]   read more

Samrat Nibat Kabach Badh

Nivata Kavacha was a very powerful demon. He got a boon from Lord Shiva and became the ruler of Swargaloka. Frightened Indradeva approached Lord Vishnu for help. Indra was rest assured that if Nivata Kavacha does anything wrong to any woman, Arjuna will come and execute him. Thus once when Nivata Kavacha started torturing women […]   read more

Sundho Uposundho Badh

Sundha and Upasundha are the sons of demon Hiranakshya. These two demon brothers were the most powerful demon of their time. Once they started to have penance in the hope of getting the boon of immortality from Lord Brahma. He promised that no man can ever execute the two brothers, except if they fight against […]   read more

Narir Ashrujole Bhagobaner Porajoy

Lord Mahadeva and goddess Parvati went to execute Shumbha and Nishumbha – two horrible demons. When they were returning from the battlefield, Goddess Parvati informed lord Mahadeva that she had to transform herself eight times repeatedly to execute those two demons. Hearing this Kartikeya said that she will be remembered and worshipped throughout this period […]   read more

Shumbho Nishumbho Badh

Shumbha and Nishumbha were very powerful demons. These two brothers were conquerors of Three Worlds by Brhma’s boon. Although Brhama’s boon had granted the brothers protection from human being and demon, no such protection existed against Goddess. Shumbha –Nishumbha started torturing in heaven and on request of Brahma Bishnu Maheswar Goddess Durga transformed herself into […]   read more

Raktobeej Badh

Raktabija was a powerful demon, the commander of Shumbha Nishumbha. He was strong and much powerful due to the boon that whenever drop of his blood fell on the ground thousands of Raktabijas will be born. Raktabija disenfranchised all Gods from heaven. When Gods approached Bramha, Bishnu, Maheswar ,a powerful mighty woman, Mahakali, was created […]   read more