Bhuban Kumar

Veteran Chau artist Bhuban Kumar is a Chau dancer was born in 1962 at bamnia village of Jhalda II block in Puruliia . His father Late Prabhudas Kumar was a well-known chau artist of the district. Bhuban Kumar inspired by his father and started to practice dance at the age of 12. Since then his father noticed the passion of this young artist and boosted him to keep continuing his skill. He started to perform in their village team .In 1985 he formed a new chau team and developed some new Production like “ Santhal Bidroho, Sidhu Kanu, Nabab Murshid Kuli Khan, Kargil Juddha” etc which are still popular at the same pace. Apart from Bengal & Jharkhand, Bhuban Kumar performed in many places across the country. Contact : 9932530321

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Bhuban Kumar

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